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There's strength in numbers.

Classes are packed with motivated, not-afraid-to-sweat people who will inspire and push you. Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am. 

Kickstart Program

Are you an athlete? Increase your body awareness, coordination, endurance, speed and agility for your specific sport. The goal of this program is to develop a complete athlete from mind to body that you will always be able to utilize.    

BootyBuild Challenge

No reason not to love your legs and booty! Best butt and leg routines to challenge yourself too. Whether its to rock those sexy booty shorts or dive into that bikini, take on the BootyBuild challenge to love your legs and booty. 

Weight-Loss Program 

Enjoy losing weight the right way and enjoy learning how to live healthy with positive guidance. Innovative, motivating, disciplined training that will have you amazed with results. Dedicate to your body and health! All ages and fitness levels welcomed...

Personal Training

Need to capitalize more on yourself and focus more on your own specific goals?  A personalized program is available for your trainer to create to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Many personal training packages to choose from! 

Body Infusion

A mix of your trainers favorite body blasting exercises that will make those muscles burn.  Total body toning every class! Body infusion is held every Monday and Thursday night at 5:30pm.