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Diary of BellaB

Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Athlete

Danielle Bitonti, nickname "Bella" from her father was always what she went by growing up. Her father saw her as an athlete at a young age and has lived as one since then. Competing as a gymnast for years before the beautiful game of soccer took over, her experienced background as a gymnast has taught her multitude of skills, both physical skills for a healthy lifestyle and personal skills to succeed in school and work. Gymnastics instruction helped her develop better coordination and body awareness and key components such as strength development, flexibility, work ethic, discipline, determination, overcoming fears, performance and compassion. Having these components going into any sport helped her excel. Pasadena being her roots, Danielle lived most of her childhood in Temecula, Ca. Through the years of dedication and training Danielle earned a full ride scholarship to Cal State Fullerton, University. Completing school as a student-athlete with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Entertianment and a minor in Kinesiology.

       After college, Danielle had the opportunity to represent USA in Women's Beach Soccer in Montreal, playing under Peter Mellor which lead her love for soccer from the field to the sand. Traveling from different countries the awareness of the sport is still growing. While playing beach soccer Danielle signed with Santa Clarita for the W-League. Taking two years off from field soccer and still representing USA in beach soccer, Danielle now currently plays for her hometown Temecula FC. 

      Having an extreme athletic background, fitness is what BellaB represents and the love to share it with others.